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Can Carnivore BBQ create an unforgettable Pit Master BBQ Experience at your Home, Office or Special Event?  

Let’s count the ways.  A proprietary blend of three hard woods—cherry, oak, and hickory create our BBQ’s heavenly aroma and flavor.

Our “Cover of City Paper” Beef Brisket and Pork Shoulder, spend 16 hours in our J&R Smoke Tender 350 wood-burning smoker.

Our Signature BBQ Sauce, Memphis, and our Secret Rub, “Magic Dust” contains 20 and 12 ingredients respectively.  

Whether you choose one of our Four Artist-Airbrushed, Best of Washington, Washingtonian Magazine Award Winning Food Trucks, or our more traditional catering options, you’ll know there’s a true Pit Master, me, ensuring both your menu and service will be just exactly perfect.



Stephen Adelson

Pit Master

Carnivore BBQ

As Featured In

City Paper
Wharton Magazine
City Paper
Wharton Magazine
Award Winning BBQ
Traditional BBQ Catering from 30 to 1,000 Guests
4 Award Winning Food Trucks to serve you.
As Seen In the Washington Post
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